i've got mail

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! We (steffie and i) have work by the strawberryfarmer. and we gonna work saturday and in the vacation! oh, and i've some inspiration picture's, i'll show it.

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:MCD zei

die jas opt eerste plaatje is echt rete vettttt!
leuke plaatjes btw (:

Molly :] zei

how i love street style...:)

Lana zei

Dat jasje van die dude ergens onderin is vet!

getting-freaky zei

hee hallo, wat een leuk pics.
iloveyou, &nd het is bijna vakantie!
kus op je fatass

friemol zei

lekkere inspiratie O__o. ooh en alvast veel succes met het werken, en niet stiekem tussendoor van die aardbeien gaan eten he ;] haha :p

Vintage Vinyl zei

Great pictures! I like the second one and the polaroid the best. Nice blog, and thanks for the comment :)

Ragamala zei

great pictures!

yiqin; zei

The Polaroid photo's so lovely! I wanted to get a polaroid camera untill they stopped producing the film! :(

Terren zei

very nice mix of inspiration pics.

J e s s i c a zei

I love those pictures.


Molly :] zei

those sunnies are so cool...

karii zei

Hello Maureen, thank so much for visiting my blog!!

These in reagent of looks! Your photos are very pretty, and the route of your blog, a sight to VOGUE TEEN, and your face is so sweet!


Dapper Kid zei

Those photos are amazing, love the second look!

Ash1314 zei

great pics!

emily zei

those are all really inspiring! i just bought a street style book the other day!

Anoniem zei

ur english is not very good, but anyway i love ur bloggg