our boata castle in L'Estartit (when I was 8 I go with some people to the mount and had it climbed, and i was there on the castle) my grandpa and granny had a house in L'Estartit, but she sell it to another people. it was 6 years ago. so we went to that house and it was totaly different!

house in Ampuria Brava
there was a national party 'carmen' and there was a lot of fire work and boats with flowers and something.my mother filmed a lot of things my mother, father and sister were fishing my little sister and i in the car because it was so long from spain to the netherlandsthe name of the hotel, (my dad's name is also Vincent)

ooooh, it was so nice in spain. we had a house with a swimming-pool!! we're go to spain with our boat behind our car. so we can go with the boat to the sea and we've sail there. we've a speed-boat so we take our water-ski's with us and we did it there, it was so nice. i've been in Rosas, L'estartit, Girona, Salt, Ampuria brava (there was our house). And i've bought some things! i'll show that a another time, because i show now the photo's of the vacation.

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Alice Point zei

It must have been cool trip:)! I love Spain! I was in Barcelona last year and it was great! In my opinion it is the most beautiful city in Europe (but I haven't visited Scandinavia yet;))

getting-freaky zei

Echt hele leuke foto's! Volgens mij was het écht heel leuk, maar ik ben toch wel weer blij dat ik terug ben want ik heb je wel heel erg gemist. En nu ik ook een camera heb, kunnen we samen een keer foto's gaan maken :)
kus van steffiebeffie (volgens je mozzer)


How fun! Love your header picture...very cute!


Anoniem zei

ick! i hate shrimp : (

Dream on zei

haha die foto's met die slang
of waterding of hoe je het ook
noemt =P hihi iniedergeval leuk leuk!

CoutureCarrie zei

Lucky girl!!


hihi dankjewel! ja ik zit op het forum inderdaad (veegde licht foto's! geweldig. : zat er een tijd echt nooooit meer op. maar nu weer steeds vaker. wat een leuke foto's!
ik hou van die uitge

Ula zei

Spain is beautiful, and I love prawns:))))

Bananas Diary zei

Aaah, ziet er super uit! Je hebt vast een hele leuke tijd gehad:)