today i go to steffie and we go together to the canal. and naomi came also to the canal. it was so nice with steffie and naomi. and we've made some photo's.

my mother
me and my father

and in the evning i go to a restaurant with my parents. my sister is by my aunt and she's there till tomorow.

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A la Femme zei

Oooh that looks like so much fun. You make me want to hang out with my friends.

P.S. Thank you so much for your kind comments.

getting-freaky zei

Het was superrrr gezellig (:

doei lullentje

Creaholica zei

& leuke foto's! ook die van spanje nog trouwens. ×

Sugar Pop zei

you girls look like a lot of fun!!! I'm so happy I found another young blogger :)

Thanks you for your sweet comment

Sugar Pop zei

haha, I'm 13, but we're both born in '94 I think, because your profile said year of the Dog. My birthday's in December. :|

Also, I'd love to trade links!

♥ fashion chalet zei


aw, you all look like the best of friends! <3

Jay zei

oh i love this{ your new pic is very cool caught my attention!

Sugar Pop zei

thank you!!! I'll add you back (I like you too...)

<3 xxoo :)

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder zei

you look like you always have som uch fun where ever you go!! good for you :D

Paris Tarts zei

Cute pics :)


rohit zei

how was your day?
i liked your blog
you are fantastic!!!

really nice blog
fabulous fantastic

Anoniem zei

Oh this looks like a lot of fun!