from the second-hand shop and the bridge

i said that i'll go to show my new things from the second-hand shop, so here's the post! 3 braceletscardiganscarf

and some things together with steffie, but that's on steffie's place so i can't make a photo of that.
and today i go to the bridge and we've made some pic's there.

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getting-freaky zei

Het was zo leuk met jou..
ich liebe dich!

david santos zei


Lana zei

The Adidas girls :P.
Je second hand cardi is nice!

Camilla zei

Nice pictures :)

Paris Tarts zei

I love these pictures! And the bracelets are awesome!


Dream on zei

Super leuke foto's!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder zei

fab cardigan!! that is a great find!
cute pics as always!

Victoria-H zei

love the bracelets and the hairband ! =)

Creaholica zei

leuk leuk leuk! allemaal leuk. (:

pumpkin soup zei

leuke foto's!


love your adidas sweater !

pumpkin soup zei

jaa dat vind ik nou ook!
is 't misschien goed als ik
je link? =$

Nicole Linette zei

your Adidas sweaters are SO RETRO-GHETTO!!! :DD I ♥ themm!

Your sweater & scarf are really great too.


Kim zei

I like je cardigan!

sueper zei

superfoto's: echt girl-fun!


styledigger zei

This cardigan is my object of desire! I'm looking for a simiular one...And I like your oldschool style!

lydia zei

thank you!
btw. great pictures, very funny :)
and i've linked you :D

TINE zei

Thanks for visiting my blog! You are so cute!

Anoniem zei

your headband is amazing! ahh. =)

Anoniem zei

aww you guys are so cute, and that cardigan is a great color!

Alice Point zei

Aaah, your oldschool hoodie from Adidas is coooooool! :D

Capuccino bar zei

Great pics, yeah!

Dapper Kid zei

Love the bracelets and those photos are AMAZING!!

Monika zei

In Germany the teenis who are 14 years old, looking like emos or something like a typical girl with pink nails and pink clothes. And I do not say often, that I like the style of 14 years old girls, but I like your style really. It is different.

Monika zei

I thought so :))!

Yulan^^ zei

Leuke dingen gekocht!

Monika zei

German and Dutch have some same words, haven't it?
Do you really lern german or was it a joke :P? German isn't interesting as language, I like english more.

Monika zei

I hope you'll get a good mark.
We don't have dutch at school, only english and french. Everywhere the same bullshit; boring, whatever.
Now I read. Do you know "PS: Ich liebe dich"? If not, read i.t It ist very romantic <3.

BHH zei

Nice buyings, and cute pictures!

Kim zei

Hotttt jasje!

♥ fashion chalet zei

Thanks <3

Love your headband and scarf!! :)

megan zei

your wishlist from the last post is DIVINE

♥ fashion chalet zei


Valentine zei

hey thank u so much :)
youve got a really cool blog, i like it so much <3

janet* zei

thanks ;)

*CARO. zei

Great photos!
Haha,you're from the netherlands? Great :) I'm from germany!(;
Best wishes.♥

beccajanie zei

Your pictures are absolutely adorable! Great post!

Luna zei

the cardigan rocks!

Ada Potata zei

You are freaking beautifal! I bet you have got that before huh. lol I heart the pictures. I love twinzies.

Sharlo zei

aw seems like a fun day :D
uhh Im lovin that jackett!!

Imelda zei

Heel leuke spullen en de foto's tonen echt een heel fijne dag!

Fashion Is Poison zei

veru cute, i <3 it!

iƱaki zei

I love the cardigan and the scarf!!! Lovely!!