in the garden

the weather was really nice this weekend, so i made some photo's. (and also with my new haircolor, but you don't see it very good) i did it with Steffie! naomi was also at our place.

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getting-freaky zei

ik vind stampertje het leukst ;$ HOUDOE
ik kom straks oke ;d ?

yiqin; zei

I really like your hair color! You are so pretty :)

copperoranges zei

i like your pictures.

Shelovestheradio zei

leuke foto's :). en wat een lief konijntje

Caro. zei

and I really like ur blog :D :D

Patries zei

Leuke fotooo's :D

BHH zei

Looks cozy.

Camilla zei

Sweet pictures :)

Susanna-Cole zei

Your new hair color is beautiful! :)


Siska zei

you´ve got nice hair!

janet* zei

thanks :)
your second photo is very sweet, you've got REALLY nice hair!

Katia zei

AW that bunny is adorable!
I love your hair color, it's so full of life =]

Wendy zei

Oh bunny!

Luna zei

loving the photos

Sam zei

Zeker leuke foto's!^^ En ik wou even zeggen dat je getagged ben met de Gold Card. Voor regels kan je op mijn blog kijken!

Caro. zei

i think your hair look GREAT! ;D

Sharlo zei

cute :)

Nicole Linette zei

Your hair.. is kinda gorgeous :D


Anoniem zei

wait, so your hair isn't naturally red?

mandycharlene zei

je haar is echt tof! die kleur!
& ofcourse leuke pics!

holly zei

haha thnx
cute sweater+ i love ur hair colour!

♥ fashion chalet zei

Thank you.

You're so cute, I love that red hair!! :)

xo/ fashion chalet

luella zei

Jouw haar is ook oranje! Luv it