tilburg with the best

saturday i did go to tilburg with steffie. it was nice, we've bought some new stuff and we made some pic's ofcourse. and today i'm sick, and i don't like it!

pink ribbon braceletinvito bagshirt/trouser H&Mcheque invito

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Vi zei

I want that bag you just bought (: It's gorgeous.

getting-freaky zei

het was leuk met jou (L)(L)(L)

Shelovestheradio zei

leuke foto's :). jullie schoenen zijn liefdeeee!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder zei

amazing pictures! cool stuff!

holly zei

im getting on a plane and stealing that bag!!!

iƱaki zei

I really really like the bag and the barcelet!


Shelovestheradio zei

dankje! jij oook heeeeeeel veel plezier in A'dam he :)! gaat je vast wel lukken, &zowiezo een fijne vakantie alvast :D

yiqin; zei

The pink bracelet is very pretty! & the shoes you guys are wearing is awesome!e

Patries zei

Hahahaha leuke foto's :P


waarom zou ik?
of verwacht je allemaal lieve positieve reacties? ik geef mijn mening gewoon


er valt niks te snappen, want er is geen probleem? ik geef gewoon mijn mening en die kan je moeilijk veranderen dus jammer voor jou doei en ik heb geen zin in een discussie met ooohmaureen dus doei!

Caro. zei

thanks :)
i like your photos with steffie!
<3 :)

Anoniem zei

You both look so cute and the bag you've bought is awesome!

Victoria-H zei

the first picture is cooool

Anoniem zei

ahh you guys are awesomeee:)

Sugar Pop zei

hey, those are some seriously colourful shoes. I love them :)

I love the ribbon bracelet too, what a good idea!

Betsey zei

i LOVE and NEED that bag!