it's for a new room

this is what i want with my new room, i like all these things and pic's. i think i can't go to tilburg tomorow because my parents are going to work for 1 last day. So my little and I are home alone. Maybe we go this weekend or in the vacation of course. Oh, Christmas at school was ok, i'll show some photo's later because there was a man he took picture's about us and the photo's are coming on the internet but that's about 2/3 weeks.

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♥ caro. zei

yea, that i meant! ;) we in germany give the presents each other n 24th. :)
Happy Christmas!

Creaholica zei

oooh leuke dingen! ik vind dat altijd zo leuk, een nieuwe kamer.. leuke foto's! Ben nieuwsgierig naar het eindresultaat! ×

saray zei

you got great inspiration

ash zei

great inspiration board!!!

she loves the radio zei

heel erg leuk, ik ben benieuwd naar jou eindresultaat! zal wel heel mooi worden hihi. kus

LANA zei

Dat plaatje linksboven, geweldige kledingverzameling heeft die vrouw he. Had em ook tussen een roominspiration collage staan.

david santos zei

Brilliant posting!!!

yulan. zei

Ben erg benieuwd naar je kamer!