new new new from sinterklaas

from my aunt
samsung touch wiz, i'm so happy with this!
from my sister
it's a 'black piet' as a lucky-thing
charcoal pencils
dove body butter
big warm scarf
hand shoes
basic white t-shirt
the sims 2 seasons
nail polish
H&M from my sister
H&M basic grey t-shirt
t-shirt from bershka
H&M basic t-shirt
from a address where i (baby-sit?)
from my cousin
from my parents
i don't like uggs but i wear these inside our house, NOT outside
nail polish
blouse from ManAtWork
from my dad
i got this from sinterklaas, i'm sooooo happy.

16 opmerkingen:

saray zei

great stuff! i love them all

CapuccinoB. zei

wow! i love the brazalets :)


lydia zei

really great stuff! :D

getting-freaky zei

wé een leuke spullekes.
tot zo at Schule <3

Patries zei

Whooo zo veel!
Echt geweldige spullen!

mei_yun zei

Helemaal zalig! (:

yulan. zei

superleuke dingen!

skeleton you are my friend zei

mooie oorbellen!

Vintage Vinyl zei

Oh, what lovely items! I love the earrings your dad got you and The Sims 2 is so rad!

deep_in_vogue zei

great great stuff!

ash zei

love everything!!!
espesh the blouse from man at work

Mariël. zei

Aaah, echt stuk voor stuk te gek!

Siska zei


nv zei

wow such great stuff! I love the earrings

Anoniem zei

your englisch is very badddd.

Anoniem zei

hand shoes = gloves