room of erin wasson

i really like erin wasson and i also like her room. She's living in New York.

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♥ caro. zei

it's great! <33

blondie zei

wauw echt cool appartement!

boogiemonster zei

oeh die bruine schoenen!

saskia de blabla coach. zei

wauw te gek!

she loves the radio zei

omg, zij heeft echt een leuk appartement!

yulan. zei


Marissa zei

i like this roooooom!

Vi zei

That's such a great apartment, I wish I lived there!

Gia Shakur zei

I love the picture when she is holding the baseball bat...lofts are so cool I love open space as opposed to compartmentalizing the bloody thing

Tracy zei

i'm putting you on my watch list.
you have a really nice blog :_

mei_yun zei

Ze heeft een mega leuk appartement!