Clothes from amsterdam

Yesterday, i goes to amsterdam with my mother. it was realy nice, and i've bought some new things. here some pictures and my shoptopic on ellegirl: http://forum.ellegirl.nl/printthread.php?t=471060

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Cool Urbanite. zei

Leuke koopjes, en ik ben jaloers op je camera! Ga maar eens voorstellen dat mijn ouders er ook eentje op mn verjaardag gaan geven :P!

En dat shirtje in je shoptopic van de boys afdeling H&M, is tres cool!

Denise zei

thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, i appreciate it! i like your blog alot!

i love that shirt with the checkered print! where did you get it? unfortunately i cannot understand your shoptopic :(

are you interested in trading liks? id love to! get at me! xx

Denise zei

i linked you too. im excited for new posts!

i'm so naive zei

Geweldig shoptopic op ellegirl!
I'm your number 1 fan haha.

JuliAM zei

that wayfarers necklace is seriously the cutest thing i've ever seen (and who doesn't love a plaid shirt) great finds!