Today it's my Birthday!

Yes yes yes, it's my birthday, finally! I've got a camera, and i'm in love with him. I'm going to post some foto's later, because i must to try how it works. And i (together with my mum) was going to Amsterdam. It was really nice, i'll show my new stuff on the next post.

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getting-freaky zei

Happy birhtday moppie

Cool Urbanite. zei

Gefeliciteerd! En nu ben ik nieuwsgierig naar je foto's!

Dandelion zei

Happy B-day girl!
Can't wait to see your pics:)

p.s. Thanks for adding me on your links, I'll do the same with your blogspot!

i'm so naive zei

Happy B-day!
sorry dat ik pas zo laat reageer :$. maar echt zo vet dat je die camera hebt gekregen xD.