on the camping

we're so fugly

yes yes yes, it was so nice with steffie on the camping! we were sleeping on a little tent, because the parents from steffie were sleeping in the caravan and her brother with some friends in the big tent. we went to swim, there was a bubble-bath and i like that! in the evening we've barbequed! in the night we gonna sleep. but outside of our tent was a plastic pocket with a lot of dirty stuff in it. and the plastic pocket moved. it was scary! we must go to the toilet but we didn't want alone. so bram and his friends go with us. we were go to the men toilet because we don't want to the women one, it was so scary there and there was nobody on that toilet. in the evening we gonna swim and we've bought some magazine's. we've read that and after that we're go to steffie's house and we've eat patatos. after that we go to outside, but we were so tired!

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friemol zei

hihi zo te horen hebben jullie 't wel heel leuk gehad :D.


thanks sweetie for that comment, you are so sweet! :)

+ barb + zei

such a funny blog!
you're all really sweet
kisses from Argentina

Vain and Vapid zei

Fun pictures!

Isa zei

Thank you, I really want the 2.55 but it´s a litlle to much money ;) so maybe I will buy a fake..

I like your pictures a lot,they are so fun :D