monday; sport day

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i had monday a sport-day on school. i took my camera with me and i've made photo's with a lot of people. that was nice but the sport-day was a bit boring. and it was so hot. after that we had with our class a barbeque at Margriet's house. she has a big garden and a swimming pool on her garden. it was soooo nice!

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yiqin; zei

Your hoodie is AMAZING! I saw a person wearing a sesame street one today! Ahh I need to get a hoodie ASAP. <3 the electric blue shades too!

Sammie zei

I really love that hoodie, and your hair especially the bangs. Also, your friend's eletric blue shades are amazing!


jij bent leuk! Zo lekker naturel hihi. x

Molly :] zei

ooh. i love your friends sunglasses, your cheeky poses, and your fluro nailpolish. jeez. i have my school sports day soon. SOMEHOW i've been roped into running 4X200m relay, and 300m sprint. which i am NOT happy about.

sure, add me to your links, i'll add you too!
:) x

getting-freaky zei

'twas zooo leuk (h)
alleen de sportdag zelf was stom, veel te warm
'kben op jouu

D-andelion zei

Haha zulke foto's zijn de leukste! En je hoodie is gorgeous <3

fashionista zei

cute hoodie and nail polish :)